Exclusive erotic products

Passion, ardor, fantasy and luxury

PAR L’AMOR was designed for sophisticated tastes and original desires. We are bold, open and professional. We appreciate beauty and good taste, and value the quality of our products and the superior standard of Customer service.

We want to make shopping in our boutique a promise of unique experiences and an introduction to thrilling experiences. We are well aware of the importance of details, we appreciate class, style and elegance, which is why we have created an intimate and sensual atmosphere at our premises, arranging it with attention to detail and Customer comfort.

PAR L’AMOUR can be just for you. If you need more time and privacy, you can arrange private consultations and a private shopping experience. You can also rent our sensual boutique for a closed event.

Superior quality and sophisticated aesthetics

Those are the key criteria that guide us when choosing the PAR L’AMOUR range.

The search for exceptional lingerie and erotic accessories has led us to the most recognized producers, among others from Italy, France, England and Germany.

Owing to this, we have created a one of a kind collection of top-end products available in our boutique.

We are convinced that both lingerie and erotic accessories are set to become a source of your pleasure and satisfaction, a celebration of sensuality and sublime eroticism.

Below you will find some of the brands available in our store.