Set 365 DAYS – limited edition for the premiere of the film, signed by Blanka Lipińska

Let’s experience pleasure together for 365 days a year! The 365 days BOX is a limited collection of erotic gadgets signed by Blanka Lipińska! It features:

  1. A bestseller microphone – very powerful medical-grade silicone clitoral massager with three speeds and five modes of vibration, charged via a USB cable. A reliable product of superior quality enjoyed by Laura, the protagonist in 365 DAYS, already in the first scenes.
  2. professional, water-based moisturizing lubricant suitable for all components of the set,
  3. metal anal plug with zircon, for those looking to find extra sensations,
  4. leather handcuffs, made of superior quality leather, allowing one of you to take control…
  5. delicate satin maskfor blindfolding will heighten all other senses.

The whole set was composed in cooperation with Blanka Lipińska to allow you maximum pleasure and new sensations in learning your own body.

We highly recommend it!


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